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I have Type 1 Diabetes. This does not stop me from doing anything! It makes me stronger if anything!

I love to travel and go on adventures -  I make any excuse to go on holiday.

Tea or coffee? Tea for me!

I have one tattoo - of  shell - on the back of my left ankle. This is because of my travels.

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I am the proud owner of Oliver, my little kitten! (pictured below)

I live by the sea, and am a renowned beach bum.

I am a sucker for cheese! I once took a whole 500g block of cheese to the park with my friends when we were younger, and ended up eating the whole thing...mhmm... I think I'm a cheeseaholic?!

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Hello, I’m Jasmin!


And that is Oliver.


I have type 1 diabetes (diagnosed when I was 7) - this does not stop me from doing anything! If anything, it makes me want to achieve more. 

I have always loved playing with a camera, whether it’s taking photos of my siblings, or trying to make the moon look that little bit larger than it looks through the camera screen. I love it!!

I love printed photos, my room and wardrobe doors are covered in them. It’s lovely having that memory right in front of you, that you remember time and time again. There isn’t a time I look at a photo and think – why did I take that? They do say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

I specialise in Wedding, Portrait and Event photography, however I really do love to photograph everything, so please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. 

Coffee, phone call or text message, It would be an honour to make your memories last a lifetime too!

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