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The beautiful view from our apartment of the swiss alps.

My oh my!!

“This place is so pretty” was my catchphrase for the weekend, as you can see… Annecy is beautiful! Annecy is a gorgeous city in southeastern France, situated in the Auvergne-Rhône- Alpes. It is 35 kilometres south of Geneva, a 40 minute drive (if you don’t get lost like we did).

Having finally found our Airbnb, after having to drive through a building site, end up getting to the other side of the apartments, trying to use the key to open the door, ringing the door bell and a French man opening the door with bright red eyes, and obviously not wearing any trousers; popping only his top half out of the door. We managed to get over the language barrier and realised we were the other side of the building..oops.

The next morning, we woke up to the beautiful view of the mountain (pictured above). I was so happy!!! The beautiful blues, and the gorgeous clouds around, I was in awe of Annecy from here.

As it was a Sunday, they had their Sunday Market in the Old Town; full of cheese, garlic prawns, fruit and clothes….it was a delight! The gelato is insane, the chocolate is to die for!!

Walking through the Old Town on Sunday and Monday, I fell in love with the buildings. The colours are just like Annecy on google images…..popping!!

Almost every building has gorgeous shutters on the windows, they are just too cute.

After the wonderful market, we walked to the Lac d’Annecy.

Here you have the Annecy Love bridge – Pont Des Amors, over looking the Lake and mountains. Very cute ♥

So…we were lucky enough to hire a car for the weekend so we drove up Mount Semnoz to see the sunset. We managed to drive up to the ski resort, and tried to climb the huge hills of snow. As the two guys climbed ahead, my friend and I were too busy sinking through the snow and laughing our way up. My friend tells me she has a new technique and starts crawling on her hands and knees….I start laughing and she says; “Jasmin!!!!” I turn around and see her hands are black, so I start laughing more, thinking she has put her hands in something… she then replies; “I have dropped my engagement ring!!”


I froze, I didn’t want to move and end up falling on the ring, I didn’t want to push snow down, so I called the guys and we explained what happened. We spent a while trying to find the ring, however sadly, it was not found.

The next day, the sun was shining, and that evening we decided to drive up the mountain again to see the sunset. We offered going to the same spot, just in case.

One of the guys walks up the same route, bends down and says; “Hey, I found the ring”. Low and behold, he genuinely has the ring!!

It was insane…but so so lucky.

A holiday to remember.

I hope you enjoyed reading my adventures and my photos. Please check out Annecy if you get the chance, because it is beautiful, and so easy to get to.

With love, JHGPhotography ♥

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