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Beast from the East!

I was so surprised to wake up this morning and see this much snow! I am fortunate to live in the Bournemouth, and so we don’t get a lot of snow, however, this morning was beautiful!!

The first beast from the east, a couple of weeks ago, I was working on a mental health ward, and unfortunately, no one was able to come in as the roads were so icy, so I ended up working a 24 hour shift, and was upset I couldn’t see the beach!

However, this morning, I made the most of it, I ran out of the house, and went straight to Bournemouth beach. I am so so glad I did!

While taking in the beautiful snow and scenery, I did tear up – hahha! I’m sure it was from happiness, but it could have been from the freezing wind, who knows, it was all so beautiful!

As I mentioned on my facebook, The snow is so so beautiful, but please do remember those who have no choice and are sadly out in the cold, it was an absolute joy to see people approaching those in need, with food and drink this morning! It makes me proud


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