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The Ionian Islands - Greece

My lovely friend, Beth, invited me along to her family holiday in Greece, on her parents boat.

I have never been on a boat before so I was super excited, and I have never been to Greece before -double whammy.

My goodness, the boat and holiday was a dream!! We were able to travel around the Ionian islands, jumping off on route and cooling down. Swimming in the bright blue, clear water.

Beth and her family were absolutely amazing, making piles of spaghetti for dinner, her mum baking gluten free bread fresh on the boat for yummy bruschetta lunches and greek salads.

While anchoring, we all had our jobs; Sally (Beths mum) was in charge of the anchor, Damian (Beths dad) was the skipper, Beth and I were the James Bond girls, jumping off of the back of the boat, jumping over the sea urchins and finding the best place to tie the ropes of the boat up to.

I can safely say, I will definitely be heading back to Greece again soon, and I would 10000000% recommend going on a boat.....they are great!!

The perfect cuppa each morning, just after we creamed up and sunbathed the salty water dry.

Absolutely perfect, I cannot thank Beth and her wonderful family enough. It was an absolute dream!!!!

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